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Calea Aradului (CA_AF279)

Calea Aradului


Calea Aradului / Timișoara


4.87 acres
(larger plot available on request)


currently farm land


on request
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4.87 acres of flat and clean land in an industrial area in Timisoara, Romania.

The plot is located in the industrial area Calea Aradului, Timișoara, approx. 4 km behind the city border after the bifurcation point of a 4 lane national road, on the right hand. The Hungarian border is approx. 90 km from the plot. The surrounding area is dedicated for industrial parks, such as production, services and logistics. A lot of companies are located on both sides of the much frequented 4 lane national road, in front of as well as behind the plot. Access points for electricity, phone and internet are nearby.

The plot's frontage is about 86 m long. The property is located directly next to the junction of the new motorway connecting road that is currently under construction. The plot is easily accessible via a side street. The Romanian A1 motorway is around 10 kilometers away. More information about the new connecting road can be accessed via the following link:
[PDF] SEA Drum de legatura A1-DN69 Iunie 2018
The maps on page 15, page 82 and page 165 in the PDF are particularly helpful.

The international airport Timișoara is very easy to reach at a distance of 14 km by the new belt way, which is approx. 800 m away from the plot.